Gesundheit with Jacobus

“THE INTUITIVE ADVISOR” - Mona Lisa Schulz - 2009.7.05 - Show #440

May 1, 2021

Track 1:


Chakras of the body

Start Track 2: 21:45

Track 2:

Call about Migraines & Right Brain

Migraines in Women and differences in people

Recap of Book and what Mona Lisa does

Call about personal "issue" with sleeping

Bach Flowers Discussion

Start Track 3: 42:08

Track 3:

Long amazing call

Start Track 4: 1:01:37

Track 4: 


Discussion about Health Pearls

Sleeping Discussion

Start Track 5: 1:20:35

Track 5:

Signs of illness & life path differences

Getting on the right path no matter the cards you're dealt

Start Track 6: 1:38:05

Track 6:

Discussion about drugs and different options for healing

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