Gesundheit with Jacobus
THE EMOTION CODE - Erin Chamberlin - 6.08.2019 - Show #902

THE EMOTION CODE - Erin Chamberlin - 6.08.2019 - Show #902

December 31, 2021

Track 1:


Mentioning book of Bessel Van der Kolk, MD

"The Body Keeps The Score"


Start Track 2: 22:18


Start Track 3: 42:48

Track 3:

Introduction to Erin

talk about her introduction into Emotion Code 

Talk about her life


Start Track 4: 1:04:08

Track 4:

What is the Emotion Code

Bradley Nelson, DC

Discovered that there was a trend in chronically ill people - emotionally trapped energy would affect their body's natural ability to heal

Everything is "energy"

Base in Eastern Medicine

Allopathic Medicine was invented on the battle field

Examples of "energy"

-Halo around Jesus

-Kirlian Photography

-Hans Jenny

-Cell phones


Emotion Code: Can release trapped emotions

how does this manifest?

how does it come out, and how do you deal with that?

Emotion Code: tap in to subconscious mind

conscious mind wants to know what DATE is connected with the specific trauma

Applied Kinesiology - asking questions

"in surrogacy" for someone (kinesiology on yourself)


Start Track 5: 1:27:38

Track 5:

There are different levels beyond Emotion Code

  • Next Level = the body code
    • acupuncture system
    • Anatomy
    • Pathogenic System

how to "balance with" you client

  • Stay neutral: I become an instrument for the client to let them "talk"
  • How does she set-up her room to work that
  • "What do I need to remove from myself before I work with this person


Start Track 6: 1:43:42

Track 6:

Ministerial Training Program (MTP)

  • It's an alchemical process
  • How did it transform her

Her relationship with her mom

  • led Erin to her own therapist

Explaining her "heart wall" - pealing an onion for some abstract feeling

  • different for different people
  • it can be different material

Call about having a healing experience with kinesiology

COUPLES THERAPY - Julie Menanno & Lori Marchak - 03.02.2019 - Show #890

COUPLES THERAPY - Julie Menanno & Lori Marchak - 03.02.2019 - Show #890

December 25, 2021

Track 1:

Introductions to show and to Lori and Julie


Start Track 2: 22:23

Track 2:

What happens when we are in distress

It's hard to change behavior and build new neuropathways

About 200 therapists in EFT in MT 

ICEEFT website tells you therapists in the area

Stillface Video


Start Track 3: 45:34


Start Track 4: 1:04:58


Start Track 5: 1:26:10

Track 5:

Text about nutrition in relationship therapy

Emotional baggage in relationships

Working individually on our inner child

Lori's couples retreats


Start Track 6: 1:44:23

19TH ANNIVERSARY - Jacobus Hollewijn - 7.06.2019 - Show #906

19TH ANNIVERSARY - Jacobus Hollewijn - 7.06.2019 - Show #906

December 18, 2021

Track 1:


Reflecting on 19 years


Start Track 2: 22:16

Track 2:

Discussing Eye Health

Structure of the eye and its functions

Call about Astigmatism


Start Track 3: 43:36

Track 3:

Explaining Astigmatism from previous caller

Call about freedom of the show and carrot juice

Continuation of eye health


Start Track 4: 1:03:52

Track 4:

Call from my son and grandchildren

Continuation about eyes & carotenoids


Start Track 5: 1:23:54

Track 5:

What is intuitive medicine/healing? 

Importance of movement/exercise at any age discussion


Start Track 6: 1:42:43

Track 6:

Call about medical intuitive

Continuation of discussion on importance of movement/exercise

EAST MAIN MEDICAL CLINIC - Peter Sikoski - 7.13.2019 - Show #907

EAST MAIN MEDICAL CLINIC - Peter Sikoski - 7.13.2019 - Show #907

December 11, 2021

Track 1:


What is a D.O. vs M.D. Discussion

Started in G.V. in 2001 at Bozeman Urgent Care

Call about wife visiting M.D.'s

Talk about the cost of medicine/drugs is out of control


Start Track 2: 23:56

Track 2:

Pete explains how they work with patients

How does Pete work with the hospital

What does it mean to have "hospital privileges"

What is a hospitalist?


Start Track 3: 46:20

Track 3:

Text about joint supplements

Discussion about the text

Call about joint pain and Yew Tip


Start Track 4: 1:05:29

Track 4:

Call about two products for pain/arthritis

Text about accepting medicine

Sprain: injury to ligament

Strain: injury to muscle

The major cause of Chronic Diseases:

  • Eating
  • Lack of Exercise
  • Stress-world
  • Smoking 

Jacobus talks about processed food


Start Track 5: 1:27:19

Track 5: 

Text about annual exams


Start Track 6: 1:47:05

Track 6:

Call about brain injury group and discussion on concussions

Question about Vagus Nerve and Autonomic dysfunction

Continue discussion on physicals

HEALING DISCUSSION WITH SPECIAL GUESTS - Dan Young, Philip Cameron, Melissa Homner, Becca Mayo Harrison - 8.10.2019 - Show #910

HEALING DISCUSSION WITH SPECIAL GUESTS - Dan Young, Philip Cameron, Melissa Homner, Becca Mayo Harrison - 8.10.2019 - Show #910

December 4, 2021

Track 1:


Dan starts the 5 key principles to the healing mindset

1.) Healing body and mind is not an event

"Mechanics and Dynamics" - it's a process

2.) 2 reasons why we get ill

Toxicity - Deficiency

Discussion on Mind Body Connection


Start Track 2: 22:56

Track 2:

Dan continues 5 key principles of healing mindset

3.) Where is the stress. Where is it coming from?

30% genetics 70% lifestyle/diet

we're not looking for medicine

4.) Everyone has his/her blueprint, biofeedback 

5.) What is the right order how to approach healing

Phil Diplomate in Applied Kinesiology

Response of the body to manual muscle testing


Start Track 3: 43:53

Track 3:

Becca gives examples about Applied Kinesiology

When does the body stop losing weight

Call about some of the best ways to cut carbs 

Discussion with Becca


Start Track 4: 1:01:47

Track 4:

Call continued

Jacobus analogy of fireplace

Smoothie discussion

Melissa on how it works with her at the center


Start Track 5: 1:22:11

Track 5:

Jacobus recaps with some insights

Dan and Melissa

Phil shares client stories


Start Track 6: 1:38:44

Track 6:

Call about "dumbing down the mind"

Dan talks about 5 stresses you must address

  1. Scar Tissue
  2. Foods
  3. Metals
  4. Chemicals
  5. Immune System 

Phil talks about the difference between Applied Kinesiology and Muscle Testing

BLOOD TESTING, OMEGA 3’S, OPIOID CRISIS UPDATE - Jacobus Hollewijn - 7.20.2019 - Show #908

BLOOD TESTING, OMEGA 3’S, OPIOID CRISIS UPDATE - Jacobus Hollewijn - 7.20.2019 - Show #908

November 27, 2021

Track 1:


Explaining different topics of discussion

  • bloodtests
  • Omega 3's
  • Opioid Crisis - There is a REAL problem going on

Start of article from Life Extension Foundation "Why Blood Tests Are Not Saving More Lives"

The problem with bloodtests, especially with the focus on cholesterol

Article focuses on heart, atherosclerosis, apolipoprotein B

Jacobus explains "LDL" triglycerides and the risk factors

Test for particle size of LDL


Start Track 2: 20:35

Track 2:

Text Message about polyphenols and bioflavonoids 

  • elasticity of the blood vessels

Water soluble/fat soluble - viscosity of bloodflow

Importance of Omega 3

Jacobus explains EPA & DHA

Blood thinners Prescription - no herb starting with "G"

Continue the article from Track 1

Tri-Med Services - does particle size + Apo B


Start Track 3: 42:44

Track 3:

Apolipoprotein B - found on the outside of LDL surface can damage arterial walls and endothelium tissue

Effect of Apo B when:

  • elevated + "healthy" cholesterol (60% increase)
  • elevated + "high" cholesterol (100% increase)

Walnuts good for cardio health

Sugar - added sugar increases apo - B

Exercise - Apo B will go down

Sleep - very important to lower apo - B

Thyroid Hormones - low thyroid = increased cholesterol

  • instead of statin drugs - better option is work to improve thyroid issue

Effects of Fish Oil - 1 tbsp daily = 3-% reduction in production of apo - B and triglycerides

  • analogy of fireplace: logs vs paper

Acute risk of excess apo - B - ratio of apo - B vs apo - A when close = Indole 3 - cartinol will lower Apo B +/-56%


Start Track 4: 1:03:26

Track 4:

Continue with Blood Testing Problems

Most tests don't reveal:

  • hormones
  • homocysteine
  • Apolipoprotein B

Indole - 3 - Carbinol - reduces apo B by as much as 56% & also reduces excess estrogen

Recap of LEF article

Talk about prescription drug REPATHA

Explaining TSH Range in bloodtests

Explaining Vitamin D3 Range in bloodtests

Explaining Hemoglobin A, C Range in bloodtests

Explaining Homocysteine Range in bloodtests

Explaining Testosterone - Estradiol - DHEA 5 Range in bloodtests

Article about "Omega 3 Intake and Lower Risk of Mortality" 

  • during 16 years of follow - up
  • 240,000 + men and 181,000 women
  • Explaining EPA and DHA Benefits

Text Message: 1 slice of Bacon/Day is it bad or okay?

Text Message: What about Pickle Juice is that good for arteries?


Start Track 5: 1:22:55

Track 5:

Remembering Apollo 2 landing on the mood

Neil Armstrong interview what happened to him & how he viewed the historic impact

Buzz Aldrin - his life after Apollo 2

Call about Dutch returning DDay Flag to the US

Call to repeat things that shouldn't be taken for high cholesterol


Start Track 6: 1:47:26

Track 6:

Opioid Crisis Update

Article released by Washington Post

DEA first-time ever, that tracks every pill has been made public (the data base)

Largest civil action has lead to over 100,000 death (2006-2012)

Judge Dan Polster removed protective database (ARCOS) 

Biggest takeaways from the article:

  • First time ever released
  • roadmaps to opioid epidemic
  • companies flooded market with opioids
  • 76 Billion oxycodone etc on the market
  • 6 companies: 75% of all opioids distributed
  • By contrast, doses of morphine 500 million morphine
  • 1 year: 12,600,000,000 : 330 million people = 38 pills/person
    • : 12 months : 1 Billion 50 million by month
    • : 52 weeks : 242 million/ week
    • : 365 days : 34 million/day
  • states that received the highest concentration of pills
    • Rural areas received a lot of pills per year
  • numbers from MT: 245,472,116: 7 years
    • 35,067,00/year : 1 million persons = 35 per person/year
  • Mckesson Corporation = #1
  • Comparing County-level opioid death in USA

NY Times Article

This whole system was set in place said these pills were not addictive - WRONG!

Natural Alternatives for pain:

  • Turmeric
  • Boswellia
  • CBD
BLUE SKY HEALING ARTS CENTER PT 2 - Thomas Sexton - 6.29.2019 - Show #905

BLUE SKY HEALING ARTS CENTER PT 2 - Thomas Sexton - 6.29.2019 - Show #905

November 26, 2021

Track 1:


His philosophy based on Eastern Tradition

analogy of planting trees to attract birds is like creating our own environment to find health and happiness

All you can control is what is inside of you!

How do we integrate

Thomas's work in Washington D.C. - Many sick people - no connection with nature

Dr. Dirk Hamer

  • Saw patterns in the brain through CT - Scans


Start Track 2: 22:54

Track 2:

Recap by Jacobus

Thomas: Different stressors affect blood, microbes

Keeping harmony between our inside and our environment

We are the result of what happens around us 

Call about foundation of Bio-energy medicine


Start Track 3: 46:09

Track 3:

Recap and Explanation by Jacbocus

Thomas talks about Dr. Hamer again 

  • What works on people, also works in animals
  • What happens when MD tells patients they have cancer.
    • Causes trigger in the brain
  • Gives examples of specific cancers and their relationship to the mind


Start Track 4: 1:07:19

Track 4:

Louis Alvarez - 9/11 first responder - dies of cancer

Jacobus talks about body, mind & spirit

Thomas continues that same explanation

How about children - and chronic diseases


Start Track 5: 1:29:13

Track 5:

Stress - emotion - tightening

People who have been fanatically paranoid about the environment

Jacobus monologue about environmental toxins in food, animals, people etc in the last 50 years


Start Track 6: 1:50:12

Track 6:

Yeast and dark field microscope

Text about glaucoma

What's causing the shut down in microcirculation

Chinese Medicine approach: it didn't start 1 yr ago

Degenerative state - to inflammatory state

German research Beemer - opens up microcirculation

Yoga + meditation can relax genes that cause inflammation

DYNAMIC HEALTH TECHNOLOGIES - Carol Wilcock & Natalie Gonzales - 8.17.2019 - Show #911

DYNAMIC HEALTH TECHNOLOGIES - Carol Wilcock & Natalie Gonzales - 8.17.2019 - Show #911

November 20, 2021

Track 1:

Introductions to Carol and Natalie

Carol discusses that people are "scared" when they do somethings/eat out of the oridnary

Natalie discusses "Environmental Toxins"

Carol tells story of 93 year old grandmother


Start Track 2: 22:48

Track 2:

Call about Fucoshima Leak & what can be done to protect ourselves

Jacobus talks about introduction of so many toxins/drugs/vaccines in the last 50 years

Believing in our "genetic"/inherited disorders


Start Track 3: 43:56

Track 3:

Epigenetics discussion with Natalie

We Believe: we have genes and we are stuck with that... this is false! Gene research is growing exponentially. Certain genes get activated when YOU activate them. The THOUGHT feeds the system.

What can we do to turn it off?

  • Don't put things in your body that are not healthy
  • increase your STRESS that will turn it on

Good belly laugh helps immune system for at least 4 hours

Cancer Diagnosis = probably most stressful news 

  • what makes you smile everyday
  • find a picture, smell, cloth, etc that gives you a smile


Start Track 4: 1:05:45

Track 4:

Call about stress/anxiety

Call about vitamin D3 with discussion to follow


Start Track 5: 1:27:30

Track 5:

We need to be patient before we get better

1 day in hospital bed - 4 days of recovery (working with critically ill people)

Jacobus talks about debatable diagnosing

  • supplements can work
  • medicine can work

Natalie has a story about stage 4 cancer patient who was healed from taking the PLACEBO! 

  • Spontaneous healing - spontaneous cures
  • William Bengston - moving from left brain to right brain

Cancer is not a death sentence


Start Track 6: 1:48:46

Track 6:

Call about stress effect on our body systems and ultimate "diseases"


Talk about centenarians

  • staying active
  • having a purpose in life
  • social contacts: group walking after church


Relationship of drugs to help mental health

LIFE SEASONS - Derek and Amanda Leras - 6.22.2019 - Show #904

LIFE SEASONS - Derek and Amanda Leras - 6.22.2019 - Show #904

November 19, 2021

Track 1:

Introductions to Derek and Amanda


Start Track 2: 21:15

Track 2:

Life Seasons

  • Unique products
  • Look at pantry of Nature
    • vitamins
    • minerals
    • aminos
    • herbs
  • Masculini-T
  • Nitro-T
  • 52 specific combos

Digestion - stress

Derek would always test cortisol levels

Stress always happens in para-sympathetic state 

  • Anxie-T
  • Digestive-T

Derek glucose- stabili-T - tested

3rd party testing UST- Labs


Start Track 3: 43:04

Track 3:

Call about leaky gut

The value of supplements in a "healthy" diet discussion


Start Track 4: 1:02:42

Track 4:

Call about vagus nerve and IBS with Kayce


Start Track 5: 1:23:33

Track 5:

Vagus nerve continuation

concussions can do the same thing as stress

Healing may take time

"pain blocker" - can be used in all scenarios but very close. Take as needed




Start Track 6: 1:44:26

Track 6:

Text about digestion

  • Google food allergy test
  • food intolerance test
  • elimination diet
  • Do food and mood journal
  • coca-pulse test
  • heart rate viability testing
  • lingual nervous testing

 Menopausal discussion

OXYGENATION & PH BALANCE - Burt Goulding Jr. - 6.15.2019 - Show #903

OXYGENATION & PH BALANCE - Burt Goulding Jr. - 6.15.2019 - Show #903

November 14, 2021

Track 1:


The need for consistency

What is a plan for success


Start Track 2: 22:42

Track 2:

Why call it Positive Power Nutrition

Call about Alkaline forming foods - slight positive charge

Food by itself is not acid or alkaline, but it has an effect that is acid-forming or alkalizing

  1. water
  2. sunshine
  3. sleep
  4. food
  5. supplements

Cells of the body can lock down when the electricity shuts - down. Just like sliding doors in grocery stores will shut down when electricity fails.

Calls about Anthony William and autoimmune disease 

Autoimmune = severe silica deficiency


Start Track 3: 44:58

Track 3:

The need for consistency

Call disturbances - our apologies

7.1 - 7.4 = healing range of saliva

  • urine = kidney or bone health

How to do the saliva test- strips

  • new 25 strips - need less saliva in plastic spoons

How about drinking water 

  • what is good water and what to do about depleting minerals
  • Burt drinks distilled water
  • R.O. water also very low in minerals
    • distilled = 10% less minerals
  • 1 of top 10 reasons of death = dehydrated


Start Track 4: 1:05:47

Track 4:

Peer reviewed article about the need for water

  • It's not the food that we eat, because it takes very long to break down and get to where it is.

Articles: about resting versus sleep

  • Every hour from solar noon until sunset up to 3-hours is worth 4x as much than hours after midnight.

Call about silica supplements

  • often contain thiaminase - lower B1
  • - look for studies on silica more than vitamin C or any other nutrient


Start Track 5: 1:27:35

Track 5:

Reintroduction to Burt and show

Jacobus reflection of previous caller western vs all natural medicine

Text about how to get 1 gallon water per day

  • 16 oz - 32 oz spread out
  • Not drinking before - during - after a meal

Please explain how you explain oxygenation of the body

  • 25% through breathing
  • 75% through skin

Call about bone broth/collagen and add silica 

  • brown rice + cabbage are excellent as silica source
  • but bone broth easier to assimilate


Start Track 6: 1:48:29

Track 6:

Text about drinking water + silica in BPA free bottle

Text construction worker - limited to WHEN they can drink

Studies on pH done in other countries/continents

In Europe - not calories on labels - but kilojoules - electricity measurements

Check pH balance consistency - 90% of all illnesses will go away

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