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ADRENALINE & STRESS - Michael Platt - 2017.12.09 - Show #829

June 26, 2021

Track 1:




Doctors are not taught to deal with adrenaline


Adrenaline causes gluconeogenisis- protein turning into sugar


when dealing with excess adrenaline + Cortisol (often happens at night)


why older women get hyperacid


“insulin resistance in the brain”


“cannot get sugar into brain cells”


one of the reasons of Alzheimers


-therefore MCT-oil - ketone bodies



Start Track 2: 20:42


Track 2:


Call about headaches


Email about prostate cancer and progesterone cream


Talk about LEF study


estradiol causes 6 different cancers



Start Track 3: 40:58


Track 3:


Books to read about hormonal imbalances and the bigger picture.


Books by Platt:


The Miracle of Bioidentical Hormones


Adrenaline Dominance


available at or in the Gesundheit! Nutrition Store


Text about tiredness


Explanation by Dr. Platt


Current hormonal issues with pregnancy


Call about progesterone cream and ketogenic diet affecting hormones.



Start Track 4: 59:36


Track 4:


Hormones and children


Morning Sickness: excess estrogen


2nd and 3rd trimester vomitting hyperemision gavidarium


Text about GMO’s impact


Call about hot flashes



Start Track 5: 1:22:53


Track 5:


Hot Flashes continued from track 4.


Creative type ADHD = ADD


because of adrenaline


creative brain not active body


therefore weight gain


right brain- creative


Text about bladder + prostate


Vitamin d3 + vitamin k2


Call about vitamin k



Start Track 6: 1:43:28


Track 6:


Text about clotting


Vitamin K


creative and weight gain


thyroid= stimulant


Adrenalin = stimulant 


cortisol = anti thyroid hormone 


affects T3 into reverse T3




2nd grade hypothyroidism - not producing enough TSH

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